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Demmler Community Garden


The intention of the Demmler Community Garden is to provide an area for individuals & families to garden and share in beautifying our neighborhood. As it stands in 2016, we have (12) 20'X20' plots. We hope to continue to attract novice and experienced gardeners that are willing to collaborate in this space.

Each year our aim is for the garden to be a true community effort: though each gardener will tend to their individual plot, we will work together to beautify the space through weeding, clean-up and regular maintenance. Many hands make light work! We are always enthusiastic for new ideas to come to this space.

Demmler Garden is a part of the Third Ward Neighborhood Association. Plots are available at our location on Jefferson St., west of Farwell. 20'x20' (roughly) plots are available for $25 and 20'x10' (roughly) plots are available for $15.

Inquiries: email Laura Lash/Coordinator at

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The future of the Demmler Garden

As a longstanding community garden in Eau Claire, Demmler has been fortunate to have interested gardeners passing through it for many years now. With new coordination by Kate Beaton and Laura Lash, we are looking to launch the garden into a new phase of operation. With a deer-proof fence, raised beds, a shed full of tools and a pollinator garden nearby, the garden can be transformed from a hobby space into a fully-functioning eco space. Even if you do not garden in the space, beautification of this garden adjacent to our beloved Demmler Playground and Park can bring conversation points and aesthetic beauty to those who pass through.

See a map of our plans for raised beds and picture examples of raised beds from other gardens below!

Click here our proposed plot map

2016 Demmler Garden Fundraising Initiative

The Demmler garden is fundraising for the following items in their broader revitalization initiative:

Deer-proof fence
  • lumber
  • fencing
  • other materials
Raised beds
  • lumber
  • nails
  • aisle fabric
  • mulch (free from the City of Eau Claire)
Shared garden tools
Storage shed
Demmler Community Garden welcome sign
Pollinator garden

Won't you help us to improve and beautify?

All funds received by May 1st, 2016 will be matched by the City of Eau Claire's Neighborhood Matching Grant

$4000 goal!

Donate online now!

Questions: Please contact Demmler Community Garden Coordinator Laura Lash at 617.413.3778 or email

To make a donation via check:
Please make checks payable to 'Third Ward Neighborhood Association' with 'Demmler Garden' on the memo line.

Mail checks to:
Laura Lash
638 Putnam Dr.
Eau Claire, WI 54701
THANK YOU for your attention to our neighborhood!

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Inquiries: email Laura Lash/Coordinator at