Third Ward - Yard of the Month Contest

Yard of the Month Contest


The Third Ward Neighborhood Association has taken notice of all of your hard work and of your desire to keep your yard looking beautiful. We encourage residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhood. In turn, we want to celebrate those for caring about your home, your neighbors and your neighborhood!

Contest Submissions

Residents may nominate either a neighbor's yard or their own yard for Yard of the Month (YOM). All entries must be in by the 20th of the month preceding the month of the award. There will be 2 exceptions to this - October and December - all entries for these months must be in by the second weekend of the month of October and December (not by the 20th of the preceding month). This will give the homeowners time to decorate for October and December. Nominees can be submitted online using the form below or by emailing

Contest Rules

  • Nominees must live in the Third Ward neighborhood.
  • YOM winners may win the contest only one time per 12 months.
  • YOM will be awarded May through December. October and December will receive Decorated Yard of the Month.
  • Criteria for judging will be based on the following:
    • Visual Attractiveness —yard to be judged should be visible from a public street or sidewalk; yard should have general curb appeal.
    • Creativity — personal touches such as yard art, bird feeders, etc.
    • Originality — uniqueness is encouraged, while maintaining cohesiveness with the neighborhood.
    • Beautification — yard must improve the look of the home and overall neighborhood.
    • Overall maintenance — well-maintained grass, trimmed hedges, etc.

Criteria notes: Lack of strict adherence to the criteria above does not necessarily result in a disqualification, these principles are meant to offer general guidelines that are recognized by the judging committee. TWNA realizes not everyone has a 'green thumb'; therefore, a homeowner may still win YOM by making an extensive improvement to the curb appeal of their home.

Judging Committee

  • Judges will be chosen for the Judging Committee and may consist of TWNA steering committee members, Third ward residents or members of TWNA, honorary TWNA members, or Yard of the Month sponsors.
  • The committee will review all entries for the month, vote on the entries by the 25th of the month (except for exceptions noted above) and the entry with the majority votes will be awarded Yard of the Month.

Contest Prize

  • A yard sign indicating the yard has been chosen as the "Yard of the Month" or "Decorated Yard of the Month" will be placed in the yard.
  • A $20 gift certificate to TBD will be given to the winner. Note: we are still in the process of finalizing the prizes! Stay tuned. =)
  • A picture will be taken of the yard and it will be featured on the TWNA website and TWNA facebook.
  • Winners will be notified within the 5 days of the preceding month (except for 2 exceptions mentioned above).

Prize notes: In the event the homeowner who is chosen to have YOM does not wish to participate, they may contact the committee chair as soon as possible. The committee will choose another yard.