Third Ward Neighborhood - Eau Claire

The City of Eau Claire

Third Ward Neighborhood

The Third Ward is a great place to live for three main reasons: Convenience, Community, and History. In the Third Ward, you know your neighbors and they know you. Building community is a way of life here, whether borrowing eggs for a recipe, shoveling an elderly neighbor's sidewalk after a snowstorm, or participating in one of the many block parties and neighborhood gatherings.


The Third Ward is conveniently located. Situated within walking distance of UW-Eau Claire, downtown, and the Water Street area, many Third Warders utilize alternative transportation, such as biking, to get around.


The Third Ward is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Eau Claire and both its architecture and layout reflect this. The Third Ward has a large number of beautiful homes, built before the days of kit houses and cookie-cutter mansions. Walking through you can feel the history which helps promotes a sense of neighborhood pride


Connect with the Third Ward Neighborhood Association on facebook. We love our community and we are constantlty working to make it better every day. The Third Ward hold neighborhoods meetings and events every month, so be sure to check the news and events pages for recent updates to help you stay connected with the us.